My Friends The Plants is Christine Celozzi’s directorial debut short film created for the Shawna E. Shea Memorial Foundation, Inc's Women in Film Fellowship Award. It is a no-budget film that was safely created in October 2020 by a group of friends. A mockumentary horror-comedy depicting a woman's difficulty being a familiar to vampire plants. 
Written & Directed by Christine Celozzi 
Produced & Edited by J. Everley 
Executive Producer - Alexander Gauthier 
Director of Photography - Cate Carson 
Composed by Alessandro Saini 
Starring: Christine Celozzi, Alexander Gauthier 
Ist Asst. Director - Levi Hoppe 
Production Sound - Nick Jarry & Tash Ann 
Post Sound - David Beede 
Colorist - Dan Edwards 
VFX - Charles Mesa 
Special Thanks - Chris Ware
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